Luki AB was founded in 1988 and has its background in the pharmaceutical industry with its GMP standards. During the 28 years the company has been operating, Luki has gained substantial knowledge, experience and know-how regarding sterilization solutions – both within the pharmaceutical industry and for hospitals. Our motto is ”Uni-Directional Flow” which means that all the streams follow the same direction, both regarding instruments as well as personnel.



Luki-Line® is a patented modular concept with a standardized design.



Our modules are constructed under controlled circumstances with the same constructors, electricians and plumbers in order to guarantee the same ”State of the Art” quality. The only things the customer needs to provide are electricity, water, sewer and an outdoor space.


Luki has divided the hospital’s CSSD in their different functions similar to Lego®blocks where the heart of the sterilization central, the main block, is our Luki-Line® which purely is a line of production. A Luki-Line® production line consists of 3 different zones: incoming contaminated goods, inspection, assembling and packing and finally sterile clean goods. The line also includes disinfection- and autoclave-barriers with their individual airlocks. The next attached block is our Support-Pack where we have placed all the incoming media. The newly built Karlskoga-Luki- Line® consists of a Luki- Line® directly attached to the hospital with its accompanying Support-Pack.



With Luki-Lines® the production volume can easily be doubled by simply adding another Luki-Line® entity. Additional blocks can also be added as an administrative part with changing rooms, toilettes, offices and meeting/teaching room. A Luki-Line® can also serve a cluster of multiple hospitals and/or primary health care centrals in a surrounding area as a separate entity.









Luki-Lines® are exclusive on the market by having the highest pharmaceutical grade and fulfilling the hospital MDD 93/42/EEC standard with the unique and patented solution to offer additional production capacity. The units can be temporary as well as stationary installations. 

Luki AB



Simplicity, Flexibility and Economy of Scale

Half the space, Half the equipment to Half the cost

June 01, 2016

Participated in r3 nordic's "Sjukhusdagarna" with a presentation of our Luki-Lines

At New Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. 

April 20, 2016

Presentation done at "Region Östergötland" medical conference.

Regarding our Karlskoga-Luki-Line. 

April 05, 2016

Presentation of our Luki-Line concept at "Future surgical wards 2016" at Teknologisk Institut's conference.

In Stockholm, Sweden. 


As the conference was about the future of surcial wards we were happy to participate and present our latest patented concept, Luki-Lines, as or first one recently is up and running in at Karlskoga Lasarett in Sweden. Our Luki-Line can be concluded as a modular sterilization unit, however in regards to the theme of the conference we also announced that we can create modular surgical wards as well dependent on the client's needs. 

February 19, 2016

Relaunch of our webpage

In order to facilitate for our prospect clients, we have now renewed our webpage in order to make us more accessible. We will here, from now on, post about our latest projects and future participations.

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