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We are proud to present out latest project for Karlskoga Hopsital, "Karlskoga-Luki-Line", consistent of modules serial nr. 22 and 23 that is created and executed by Luki AB. 


Karlskoga-Luki-Line is a single module with its connected Support-Pack that provides the main module with incomming media. Directly connected to the hospital through two locks - one for incoming contaminated goods and the other to the IAP-room and Steril goods. 















Within less then a year from the first contact we had with our client our Luki-Line was up and running, providing the hospital with sterilization of instrument of the highest pharmaceutical standards. 

















For further information or to recieve our leaflet, please contact us. 





Interior, Luki-Line-Karlskoga
Interior, Luki-Line-Karlskoga
Luki-Line Karlskoga